Are you a professional, a contractor, or you are an economic operator? Do you have a long-term project that requires significant funding? This is the formula you need. We fund Private Capital, Private Equity, Private Lender, Private Placement Programs, Project Funding, Real Estate, Business & Entertainment Funding, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, and others. The Investment Loan is the ideal product for clients who have few financial commitments and who want to use leverage (borrowing to invest) to build their portfolio of long-term assets. Our Team of Highly Informed experts has a commitment to the Highest Standards of Professionalism and has a passion for adding value to the Companies and Projects we work with.

For an Investment Funds, please see the summary of terms below;

  • The maximum amount we offer: Twenty Million Euros (20,000,000.00 Euros)
  • Maximum duration: Ten (10) years
  • Funds processing time: within (3) Three working days.

Everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience.

Take the experience first, the cash will come later.